About us

We - Word Count Tools Team - strive to provide the best word count tool of the web world. The tool is available in the Firefox addon, the Chrome extension and this web version. Besides, we also provide the Character Count Tool in a separate website to focus on the character count report. The whole lines of products serve the same purpose to increase writers's productivity.
We do not store any of your text. All data that is put in the input text box is processed in your browsers only. If you upload a file to our server to count words and characters, the file is processed in the server and deleted afterward.
Disclaimer: We try to provide as relevant result as possible. However, there maybe some discrepancy between different word count tools due to the different policy in splitting the words. In general, the result will be similar and acceptable among good word count tools.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubt or suggestion. Thank you!
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